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dreamalley asked: Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your "Jun to Ai" posts! And I watched all the episodes you mentioned. Basically at this point I've watched episodes 1-6, 19-38 and 41-43. SO MANY! ;A; anyways, based on what you've watched so far, how do you predict this drama will end?

[I’m going to post this publicly, I hope that’s okay! It would be nice to talk more about dramas. VAGUE SPOILERS & SPECULATION FOR JUN TO AI, though I’m really just spitballing here. :D]

Oh yay! It’s nice to have someone who’s currently at the same place as me to talk about things with! :D And I’m really not sure!! Having never watched an asadora before, it’s hard to grasp that I still have so much time and material left. I feel like there’s certain things they have to cover but I’m not sure where they will end. Obviously, each of them reconciling with their family and being approved by their in-laws is going to be a big thing. I think eventually Jun and Itoshi are going to move to Miwako and start Jun will start working with her father on renovating the family hotel. I think Itoshi is going to find some kind of profession, though it seems likely he still won’t be the main income which I like. :) What I’m most curious about is what we’re going to cover in their romantic relationship still! Are they going to explicitly mention sex?? (I mean, she was enthusiastic about kissing! And that whole “fully enjoying newlywed life” line! :DD) Having kids?? Does Itoshi still have a first love that’s going to show up? How much time is going to pass over the course of the series? Not many of my drama couples ever get married, so this seems like a new and exciting arena to me! <3

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