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thenjw replied to your post: Another clothing find from the house of Top:


WELL, NEVER FOR OUTFITS!! A turnaround of my “new” (actually I’ve had it for several years and it’s thrifted) “kpop” (or eighties) dress for thenjw and also phrenk, who heard about this too. I was dancing to Miss A’s “Good-bye Baby" but the low-lighting of my room doesn’t really allow for movement during picture-taking. It’s okay, you are not missing much with my dancing. XD Should I take out the shoulder pads? :D

  1. dragon-fat said: eeeeeeep this dress looks awesome, the color and the cut and everything :D and you should totally keep the shoulder pads. AND I LOVE YOUR SHOES YO. and i’m off topic but your hair is super gorgeous too.
  2. phrenk said: eeeeeeeee, TOP, you are such a champion I can’t EVEN. Look at your Miss A dancing and your awesome dress/fishnets/heels/person!! <3<3<3<3<3
  3. tasteslikefail said: that is an AMAZING dress, and you look fabulous in it. Nowhere to wear it? WHO CARES? Wear it to the grocery store!
  4. wintersoldiers said: omg you are fabulous! *_*
  5. thenjw said: GLORIOUS. i say rock the shoulder pads. :D
  6. epicwaters said: Is it bad of me to say that I am jealous at how awesome you look. that is a most awesome blue crushed velvet-looking dress ever.
  7. ryoscleavage said: there is no world in which removing the shoulderpads would improve this dress omg you look fantastic
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